Why Choose Accredited Dietitians?

The Value of Accredited Dietitians

Accredited Dietitians provide vital food and nutrition services, while promoting health and well-being to the public. Accredited Dietitians use their expertise to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes.  They work throughout the community in hospitals, private practice, physician offices, public health clinics, nursing homes, fitness centers,worksite wellness programs, schools and other locations.

Accredited Dietitians provide MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY
Accredited Dietitians are the best qualified health care professionals to deliver nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy (MNT) services for prevention, wellness and disease management.  Nutrition services provided by Accredited Dietitians can improve individual’s health and increase productivity and satisfaction levels through decreased doctor visits, hospitalizations and reduced prescription drug coverage.

Accredited Dietitians apply EVIDENCED-BASED PRACTICE
Accredited Dietitians provide care by applying the Evidence-based Nutrition Practice Guidelines.  The Guidelines illustrate best practice for MNT related to specific diseases or conditions to achieve positive outcomes.

Accredited Dietitians receive extensive training that combines academic preparation with hands-on, practical patient experience.  Accredited Dietitians must complete a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, participate in a dietetic placement involving direct patient interaction and pass the exam.  Accredited Dietitians are also required to complete continuing professional education to maintain their credential.

Accredited Dietitians are part of the MULTIDISCIPLINARY HEALTH CARE TEAM
Accredited Dietitians work hand-in-hand with other health care professionals to deliver care that is coordinated and cost-effective.  In addition to providing MNT, Accredited Dietitians address areas such as glucose monitoring and body composition analysis.