Information for the Public about Accredited Dietitians

Accredited Dietitians serve as an integral liaison in helping individuals and communities make changes for a healthy delicious diet.
  1. You have prediabetes and want to stave off diabetes.  An Accredited Dietitian can change your life by teaching you skills that will help you lose and keep off weight and help improve blood glucose level.
  2. Your community has high levels of obesity.  An Accredited Dietitian can work with public health, government, school and other local leaders to create wellness programs that promote healthful eating and physical activity for everyone.
  3. You are a marketing manager for a large food company and know consumers’ preference for good-tasting food that is healthy.  An Accredited Dietitian can make the connection and work with your food scientists to develop new products that will be successful in the marketplace.
  4. You want to improve your performance in sports.  An Accredited Dietitian can help you set goals to achieve results — whether you’re running a marathon, skiing or dancing.
  5. You have had bariatric surgery. Since your stomach can only manage small servings, it’s a challenge to get the right amount of nutrients in your body.  An Accredited Dietitian will work with you to develop an eating plan for your new needs.
  6. You realize you need to feed your family healthier foods but you do not cook.  An Accredited Dietitian who has special culinary skills can teach you how to cook in a simple, convenient way.
  7. Your teenager has issues with food and eating healthfully.  An Accredited Dietitian can assist with eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and overweight issues.
  8. Your community wants more local foods to be available.  An Accredited Dietitian can lead efforts to make sure foods will not only be healthy but also will positively affect the local economy.
  9. You just had your first child, are concerned the baby is not eating enough and need help and confidence for breastfeeding.  An Accredited Dietitian can provide guidance and assurance that you and your infant are getting enough nutrients.
  10. Your mother, who is increasing in age, wants to stay in her home.  An Accredited dietitian can provide nutrition screening and share tips on meal planning to ensure healthy aging.
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