About application for registration

The Hong Kong Academy of Accredited Dietitians (HKAAD) is administering the register of Accredited Dietitians to protect the public through quality assurance and provision of information, to facilitate informed decision on obtaining dietetic services, and to protect the safety and well-being of service users, as only Accredited Dietitians with appropriate skill level, body of knowledge and behaviours are registered.

There are 2 routes of membership registration: 
                                Route 1               Route 2 
  Application must be submitted before
30 September 2020
Membership Route
Applicants are required to complete the application form online with declarations including but not limited to the followings:  
  1. No criminal conviction record in all jurisdictions; and
  2. No deregistration record or rejection by any medical professional associations in any country; and
  3. To undertake full compliance to the Code of Ethics and Competencies Standards of the HKAAD.
Applicants must obtain individual professional indemnity insurance coverage and complete payment of registration fee.

 Membership Year  Annual Membership Fee  Application Fee  Total
 1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021    HKD $1,500  HKD $500  HKD $2,000
*Annual membership fee subject to change
*Members are required to obtain 15 CPD points for renewal